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Hello! How’s it going?

I’m Kind Panda, who survived the hard mode study abroad in Vancouver with the Covid-19 Disaster! ^^

If you like fashion and clothes, visiting “vintage clothing stores” abroad should be one of your biggest pleasures!

Vintage clothing in Canada is inexpensive compared to the market price in Japan where I was born and raised.

In the summer, you can buy band T’s for $20-$40, and in the winter, you can get popular outfits and outerwear such as North Face and POLO for a reasonable price.

As a person who spent almost all of my entertainment expenses on vintage clothing and shoes, I have compiled a list of “almost all” vintage clothing stores in Vancouver by each area!

This list will help you find not only the major thrift stores, but also the out-of-the-way thrift stores in Surrey, Westminster, and other areas!

I hope you enjoy it!

Kind Panda
Kind Panda

Here we go!


Main Street area Vintage shops

The best vintage clothing stores in Vancouver are concentrated on Main Street.

It is conveniently located near downtown.

You can spend a whole day here and never get tired of it!

F as in Frank Vintage Clothing

instagram:F as in Frank Vintage Clothing

I would say it is probably the most famous vintage clothing store in Vancouver.

From trendy college sweatshirts to military items, basically everything is available.

If anything, 90’s and street style items are the main items.

They also have a good selection of outerwear and T-shirts.

They have sales rather frequently, so please check their Instagram.

The Rag Machine

”The Rag Machine” is a vintage clothing store directly connected to ”F as in Frank”.

They have everything and all is just cheap.

The items are only divided by category, so it takes some effort to find a bargain, but you can find brands as well if you look.

Good luck digging them out! LOL!

Mintage Mall

There are some shops in the same building.

I suppose this is another top-rated vintage clothing store in Vancouver.

In addition to Main Street, there are stores on Commercial Broadway and Robson Street.

There are several vintage clothing stores clustered together, each with a different strength of selection.

In summer, band T’s, etc. are usually available for $20-$30. In my opinion, that is cheaper than the Japanese market price.

There is an area where women’s wear is concentrated, so both men and women can enjoy.

I bought a vintage Lakers leather coat here for $140.


This is a store in Mintage Mall with a strong ”street color”.

The master seems to like Bruce Springsteen and we hit it off.

The name of the store is taken from a Bruce song, and the signboard is designed after the album.

The store carries many trendy oversized street items such as sweatshirts and outerwear.

The store is located next to Glorydays

This is also a store in Mintage Mall, but I forgot the name. Sorry.

The front side of the store has a large selection of T-shirts, and the back side has outerwear.

The outerwear is generally priced between $70 and $150, and there is a selection of the North Face down jackets as well.

Funny guys are working in the store!

Rewind Resale

It is located about a three-minute walk north of “F as in Frank Vintage Clothing.”

The condition of the merchandise varies from like-new to worn, but I personally like the selection here.

The main items here are also street and sports related.

Among them, high-brand items, North Face, etc. are mixed in.

Sometimes you can find Celine pants for $9, Prada tops for $10, etc., at buggy prices, so it’s worth a trip to dig them out!

By the way, I personally hit the jackpot when I saw a brand new CT70 Gore-Tex model on sale!

Stoxx Vintage Vancouver @ Kingsgate Mall In Store Shopping

This vintage clothing store is located in a small mall called ”Kingsgate Mall”, about 5 minutes east of Mintage Mall.

It is completely street style.

I get the impression that they have frequent sales, and there is a seasonal $9 section set up at the front of the store.

They have a great selection of vintage band T’s and sports T’s, as well as outerwear and denim.

If you’re in the market for some NBA or other sports stuff, this is the place to go!

Dig It select vintage

A small vintage clothing store or general store that was about behind Mintage Mall.

They had a lot of interesting stuff, but the space was too small, so I couldn’t see much at all when there were two customers there lol.

The exterior is cute ^^.

Burcu’s Angels

The last vintage clothing store I went to while studying abroad.

It is owned by an sophisticated madam. Despite her appearance, she is very kind.

Mainly vintage and European imports.

They had a lot of costume-like items. I guess the prices are a little high.

Bohemia Gallery Inc.

The selection is moderately unique compared to other stores on Main Street.

They also have loud vintage clothing in primary colors, which I would recommend to those who have their own style.

There was also a good selection of accessories.

C’est La Vie Vintage

Bohemian is right side.

The store is located right next to “”Bohemian”.

It has an interesting atmosphere with a selection of older items.

Compared to Bohemian, there were a lot of authentic vintage apparel, and the items were separated by racks, so it was easy to see.

Front & Company

A great store that offers 20% off items after a certain period of time.

They seem to deal in new items as well as used clothing.

While there are sneakers and high-brand items, there are also a wide variety of accessories and sundries.

I will never forget the time I missed out on a POLO swing top for $40.


The Main Exchange

The store is located next to “Front & Company”.

Most of the items were women’s wear.

Vintage items and accessories in good condition are also available.


Front & Companyの隣にあるお店。




The store is not large, but there are many vintage items, and I personally never got tired of looking at them.

Basically, most of the items are for women, but there are some items for men as well.

Around the cash registers, you will find a wide variety of vintage accessories and cute knick-knacks.

You can find items in good condition at relatively affordable prices.

I regret missing out on a denim jumpsuit that cost $60….


This is probably a chain store.

I saw three other stores in Vancouver.

I think the advantage of this store is that you can find designer brands and other used items in relatively good condition, rather than bargains, as it is similar to the image of “RAGTAG” in Japan.


Commercial Dr area Vintage shops

Overall, Commercial Drive is a stylish street.

The selection of vintage clothing also looks fashionable to match the street ^^.

Mintage (Commercial Dr )

In addition to vintage clothing such as band T’s, 80’s military items, vintage items, etc. were also placed.

The accessories were elaborate and the decor was prettier than the store on Main Street.

T-shirts were also placed there, including old and rare ones.

The denim section in the back was usually all about $60.

The Only

They have a new store that was just built in March 2022.

The selections are wonderful.

I have the impression that there are many women’s items, but there are also many items in sizes that can be worn by men.

The price range is good, about the same as the market price or a little cheaper.

The T-shirt section is well-stocked with a variety of genres and sizes.

The Japanese staff served me kindly!

Little Miss Vintage

The main items are women’s vintage items.

There was a good selection of bags, sneakers, scarves and other accessories.

The Front Supply Co

Mainly sports related.

The staff looks tough at first glance, but they are very kind.

They had a great selection of vintage NBA items, which I love!

They also have trading cards and other small items.

Black Door Vintage

Women’s only, but inside they also carried pants and outerwear in sizes men can wear.

There is also a $10 corner just outside the entrance.

I liked it because I felt they were particular about their lineup.

You enter the store by ringing the chime, as I recall.

The location may be hard to find at first glance.

My Sister’s Closet

Clothes are lined up in a small store.

Basically, only women’s wear is available.

The prices are reasonable, but they also carry brand-name items.

There is probably another affiliated store on Main Street, although I was not able to visit that one.


Gastown area Vintage shops

This is one of the areas in Vancouver where the vintage clothing stores are clustered, but they are often quite secluded, so beware of security overall!

I suggest getting there early!

Far Out Vintage

Although it is called Gastown, it is located quite far back and may be hard to find as it is right where it meets Main Street.

The area is a bit of a security hazard, so please be careful when it is late!

The store is small and mainly sells women’s wear, but I got the impression that the prices of the items in the store are cheaper than the market price.

Kamuy Vintage

Moved from the Gastown basement to the Pigeon Park building at the intersection of Carroll Street in April 2022.

The store is strong in military and POLO items, and has them in good condition and at market prices.

The owner is Japanese and kindly shares his knowledge with us.

There are several other stores on the same floor, and they divide the space among them.

Please DM me on Instagram or call me to get the door of the building on the 1st floor.

Kool Thing Vintage

The store is small, but has a nice selection with a sense of style.

The prices are a little lower than the market price.

They had a great selection of outerwear for the FW season!

There is also a basement floor, which is probably under a different owner.

The basement has a large selection of sports t-shirts, sweatshirts, and outerwear.

Be careful when you go to this area at night too!


Community Thrift & Vintage FROCK SHOPPE

This is a women’s store.

It is more of a girly line.

There are many cute items.

I got the impression that there was a good selection of dresses and one-piece dresses that would suit so-called “foreign girls.

Community Thrift & Vintage Unisex

This is an affiliate of the above store, which also carries men’s wear.

There is a sale section in the back of the store with moderately priced items.

There may be many sports and street items.

Trendy work pants and college sweatshirts are also available at low prices.

Gore Street Vintage

It is a two-story store, and each floor probably has a different owner.

Both floors are mainly street and sports related.

There are also used sneakers on the first floor.

Vintage band T-shirts are strong, and we also have a lot of NBA, NFL, MLB goods and college sweatshirts, which are getting more expensive in Japan.

The prices are reasonable. The owner of this shop is often seen at vintage clothing festivals.


Richmond area Vintage shops


My personal favorite store in Vancouver!

The staff is friendly and great.

If you want cheap street style, this is the place to go!

The store used to be open irregularly, but in July 2022, it moved to a new location about 8 minutes walk from the station.

They have polo and designer brand items at very low prices.

I really can’t wait to go back here again and again!

And the new store even carries Used sneakers! ^^.


Surrey area Vintage shops

Surrey is a bit far from downtown, about an hour by train, but it has a great selection of vintage clothing stores for street vintage clothing lovers!


One of my top favorite stores along with “Gong Again”!

They have the best selection of products.

Very good deals if you can buy during the annual 40% off sale and the occasional sale.

They are usually cheaper than the market price so it’s worth the trip!

I was delighted to be able to buy a 70’s ma-1 here that I’ve been looking for for a year (and they even gave me a discount)!

They have a strong selection of band T’s, sports and street items that are all the rage right now!


This is a store located in the Surrey area that mainly sells street clothes.

If you want to buy NBA or other sports related vintage clothing, this is the place to go!

I bought a JH Desidn vintage Lakers jacket here!

The store is run by Asian people and the staff is very friendly.

They also carry a great selection of sneakers!

New Westminster area Vintage shops

What’sGood? Vintage Apparel

Probably the only vintage clothing store in New Westminster aside from the Thrift Shop.

It’s a little bit of a challenge to get there from downtown because you have to take the train and bus, but it’s worth it because they have a great selection!

They have sales from time to time, so I recommend checking their instagram!

They also have POLO shirts for cheap, so I bought a few shirts here!

Downtown area Vintage shops

Mintage Robson Street

It is located on the second floor on Robson Street, just past the museum and in front of “Roots”.

There used to be another vintage clothing store.

The store is spacious and has a well-balanced selection of vintage clothing of various genres.

F as in Frank Vintage Clothing downtown

I don’t know if it is permanent, but it is located in the basement of Hudson’s Bay downtown.

It is also accessible from the food court in the basement of CF Pacific Center.

The selection is not that large, but I recommend it for a quick vintage clothing browse downtown.

Vintage event , flea market, etc.

The best vintage clothing festivals are in Vancouver, so much so that “vintage clothing festivals are the best way to get some at in Vancouver!”

I lived my life as an exchange student looking forward to this lol.

Granville Flea Market

If there’s one thing we know about Vancouver’s biggest vintage clothing festival, it’s this!

It is held about once every two months. Locations vary from time to time.

Tickets are about $7.

This event brings together all the major vintage clothing stores in Vancouver, and on this day, there are also stores that do not have actual shops, which is common in Vancouver, so it is a great chance to hold a large number of items in your hands!

Many stores bring items that they don’t have in their actual stores, so it’s an event worth going to at least once if you like vintage clothing!


This is a vintage clothing event sponsored by THE ROOM VINTAGE.

Admission is $5.00.

This is an interesting event where each pound is measured at $7.00.

Pick your bargains, literally, from the throngs of used clothing spread out on the floor!

Eastside flea

This is also a flea market.

It looks like it’s been cancelled in Covid-1956 in recent years, but it’s back starting in 2021!

There are a variety of stores, including general stores, organic cosmetics, and more.

It’s not a pure vintage clothing festival, but there are a few vintage clothing stores and apparel stores here as well, so it’s worth a peek!

Vancouver Flea Market

This is not a festival, but a flea market held only on weekends.

It is located about a 10-minute walk from the Main Street-Science World station by train.

Admission is $1.50 cash.

Inside the warehouse, booths of vendors are easily separated, and there are many items lined up in a small space.

The items range from daily necessities such as tools to electronic junk, antique goods, and comic books!

It is like getting lost in the world of the picture book and even if you don’t buy anything, it is fun just to look around!

I dug out a cassette tape player and cassettes here at a bargain price!

There is also a store that sells some second-hand clothes, so you can take a look there as well.

But you have to be careful because some of them look fake ^^;

(I got a fake NBA uniform lol).

Thirift shops

A thrift store is like a recycle store in Japan.

Overall, you will find not only clothes, but also books, CDs, household goods, and various other miscellaneous items.

Recommended for those who are not particular about brands and like to bargain cheaply!

Wildlife Thrift Store

They are located downtown and near Marine Drive.

Prices are generally low, but I personally have never found a bargain in good condition (just my opinion!).

The Salvation Army Thrift Store

I personally recommend them most of all in the thrift store!

They are located all over Vancouver, and the selection varies from place to place.

I personally enjoy the randomness of the selection.

I have found that they usually have Polo, Fred Perry, and other famous brand items for around $10, so I have found them very useful!

Also, you probably don’t have to pay tax.

Value Village

This family of thrift stores has many large stores.

The selection increases in proportion to the size of the store, but it may take some time to find bargains.

Recommended for those who want cheap clothes without being particular.

Online store only

There are many vintage clothing stores in Vancouver that do not have physical stores, but only operate online, such as through installations.

Here is a list of some, but not all, of them!

These stores also have actual products that you can pick up at vintage clothing festivals, so it is recommended that you check out the instagrams of the stores you are interested in ^^.










Thanks for your time!

If you’ve read this, you’ve surely enjoyed the Vancouver vintage clothing life!

Thank you very much!

When I came to Vancouver in 2021, there were still strictly enforced segregation policies by Covid-19.

Not only used clothing stores, but also many stores had closed down, and in a bad way, Vancouver had changed from the place I had visited on my first trip to Vancouver in 2018.

I was looking forward to visiting vintage clothing stores abroad, but I couldn’t do it at all.

I was like, “There are not enough vintage clothing stores in Vancouver! “

However, in the past year, the stores and Vintage events have become much more lively again, and now I think you can enjoy vintage clothing more than I did back then.

I wrote this article in the hope that people who visit Vancouver for study abroad, work-holiday, and of course sightseeing will be able to enjoy the vintage clothing life here more comfortably than I.

I hope this article will reach as many people as possible!

Thank you very much for your patience!

May richly bless you all/


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